Rosé and Prosecco Tasting for the Summer

Now that we’re coming out of our respective bubbles and getting back to life- it’s time to look at some fun summer wines. Did someone say bubbles? Prosecco? How about a few rosés also? Continue Reading →

Barra of Mendocino and Girasole Vineyards

Wines from Girasole

One short generation ago, Charlie Barra’s parents immigrated to the USA from Piedmont, Italy. is father worked on the family vineyards in Italy and when they arrived in California, they were able to acquire their own vineyards. When Charlie was born he had inherited his father’s passion for the vine. He worked side by side with his father, Antonio, starting at age 10. In 1945 when he was a junior in high school Charlie leased his own land and started his own vineyards. By 1955 he purchased 175 acres at the headwaters of the Russian River. Continue Reading →

L’Ecole Winery No. 41

L'Ecole No 41 Winery Tasting Room

Washington State is the 2nd largest wine growing state in the USA. Walla Walla, in the south east of the state creates unique wines due to the terroir of the area. Lava flows, loess, basalt and wind are common components that make up the terroir of the region.
L’Ecole was one of the first wineries in the area and now is complemented with 100 more wineries.
The L’Ecole Semillon is world-renowned and in high demand from many sommeliers.
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Theodora R. Lee aka Theo-patra Queen of the Vineyards

Theodora R. Lee aka Theo-patra, Queen of the Vineyards

The wine world is full of strong entrepreneurs, fun characters and passion. Theodora Lee is one of those persons. A dynamic Texan and a trial attorney in San Francisco, she extended her passions in 2009 to wine and purchased Sheep Land in the Yorkville Highlands in Anderson Valley California. After being sighted on her tractor with her silver hair and dubbed her Theo-patra, Queen of the Vineyards. In honor of both International Women’s Day and Black History month, I’m honoring Theodora. Continue Reading →