Fin de California Restaurant

Fin de California Restaurant

A “Caliterranean” Experience

Fin de California Restaurant Photo courtesy of Fin de Californa

California and Baja California share a border. We live peacefully side by side with a thin borderline between us. Many thousands of people cross the border hourly. Mexicans work in the US, Americans work in Mexico. Shipping channels are a huge business. There’s always trucks transporting goods and food between the two countries. However, in my opinion, the seafood in Baja is better. Although Tommy Gomes will probably disagree with me- and I will defer to him. What I know for sure is that Mexico is famous for a variety of street tacos, burritos and tamales. However, it also has a sophisticated foodie scene.

  • Dishware handcrafted out of Tlaquepaque ceramics
    Dishes are specially handcrafted with Tlaquepaque ceramics

Fin de California (End of California) is a new restaurant in Tijuana that combines the best of both sides of the border. I was a guest of the restaurant with a group of media people to experience the restaurant and the amazing food of Chef Tona and his amazing kitchen crew. They served up a creative dinner to showcase a variety of the foods offered on their menu. The cuisine has been dubbed “Caliterranean” meaning a California/Mediterranean fusion; Baja seafood, American-style steaks, as well as bao buns and tacos.

Dishware handcrafter from Tlaquepaque ceramics

Even the dishes are specially handcrafted for them out of Tlaquepaque ceramics and the Mexican artisan cutlery was made and signed by a master bladesmith. The decor of the restaurant is calming and voluptuous with velvet banquettes, a colorfully lit bar area, a huge floor-to-ceiling wine wall and a full-length painting on a wall reflects a bisected California along the ocean. It celebrates nature with wood and metal accents.

The cuisine has been dubbed “Caliterranean” meaning a California/Mediterraean fusion. Baja seafood, American-style steaks, as well as bao buns and taco. But, we’re not talking just basic food- oh no! We’re talking multiple flavors, aromas, texture and colors – a veritable sensual delight. Heck, there’s even a monkey head dish to remind us to not take things so seriously!

Monkey Head cups

We were served a perfectly chilled Bianchi Sauvignon Blanc from Valle de Guadalupe and created especially for the restaurant by Mexican winemaker Nico Lurton under the tutelage of Henri Lurton. Clean and golden colored with notes of grapefruit, tangerine and lemon zest with floral hints of jasmine and chamomile. The mineral finish was crisp with well-balanced acidity. Wow, was it good!

Bianchi White Wine made just for Fin de California

I highly recommend eating here when you’re down in Tijuana. Be one of the first to know about this fine dining yet not a stuffy restaurant. Look for their nightclub, Bangers, to open sometime in summer 2021. Located at Blvd. Agua Caliente 904, Agua Caliente Secc Pinos, 22014 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico. Phone +52 663 105 7622

Painting depicting the End of California and the Beginning of Baja. Not much of a difference. We live together in harmony.

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