Theodora R. Lee aka Theo-patra Queen of the Vineyards

Theodora R. Lee aka Theo-patra, Queen of the Vineyards

The wine world is full of strong entrepreneurs, fun characters and passion. Theodora Lee is one of those persons. A dynamic Texan and a trial attorney in San Francisco, she extended her passions in 2009 to wine and purchased Sheep Land in the Yorkville Highlands in Anderson Valley California. After being sighted on her tractor with her silver hair and dubbed her Theo-patra, Queen of the Vineyards. In honor of both International Women’s Day and Black History month, I’m honoring Theodora. Continue Reading →

Exploring California and Oregon Petite Sirahs

An afternoon with Petite Sirahs

Petite Sirah is all about passion. Petite Sirah got its name because of the size of the grapes, not because the flavor is petite. It has a large skin-to-pulp ratio. The key to making a good Petite Sirah is to tame the tannins from the skins and bring forward the fruit flavor. It’s one of the most powerful reds on earth and is a cross between powerful and elegant. Continue Reading →