Terri Pebley Delhamer, owner of Keyways Winery, is an inspiration to businesswomen.

She is a strong and gutsy woman. Through a variety of twists and turns she ended up owning Keyways Winery. Suffice to say she was a real estate agent who ended up buying the property instead of listing it! She thought she would live in the house on the property and the renter who was in control of the winery would continue running the winery. She moved in and began to remodel the house in the vineyard. The renter decided to move out and not continue with the winery and Terri was left with an empty shell of a winery, rundown at best, and not knowing the first thing about making wine, let alone running a winery.

She and her husband spent many hours trying to decide what to do when they decided that she would have to learn how to have a winery. And that is what she did. She surrounded (and continues to surround) herself with competent and knowledgeable people and then allows them to do their job. This approach has allowed her winery to flourish.

Her warm and approachable personality is reflected in the Keyways Tasting Room. It definitely has a woman’s touch. The tasting room has a variety of tables and chairs, so her guests don’t have to stand while they sample her wine. This novel approach allows people to relax while familiarizing themselves with Keyway’s wines. The design is homey and inviting like a living room, with a huge fireplace surrounded by comfy chairs.

I stopped by to see what was happening at Keyways since there is a new winemaker. This holiday season Terri and winemaker David Raffaele are excited to introduce a new wine, called “Traditions” that is made to pair nicely with holiday cuisine, such as turkey or ham. It’s 100% Merlot and it’s finished in a lighter, almost Beaujolais style. It’s floral essences with hints of roses and lilacs are delightful. The fresh plum and mulberry flavors make it a perfect holiday red wine. I highly recommend that you give it a try. The cost is $31.00 per bottle.

This winter they have lit up the vineyards with green lights. They have been giving horse and buggy rides through the vineyards to enjoy these lights. You can enjoy live music on Saturday afternoons from 2-6pm while sipping wine or a Mojito.

I’m looking forward to the Valentine’s event on February 12th. The theme is “It’s Amore” and they’re being very secretive about what they’re planning. Check their website regularly to see what the plans are. This evening fills up quickly, so if you’re looking for a romantic evening, this will be it.

Keyways Winery is located at 37388 De Portola Road in Temecula. Check out happenings on their website www.keywayswine.com

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