Visiting Graceland, the Private Home of Elvis Presley and his family (Part 1)

Elvis Presley’s home is called Graceland in the suburb of Memphis. On the outside, it looks like a mansion, but on the inside, it’s deceptively small.

Graceland Mansion

His home is open to the public, except for the upstairs where the bedrooms are. That floor was Elvis’s private space and no one, besides family, was allowed up there.

The Living Room decked out for Christmas
Stairs up to the Private Quarters

I visited in late November and they had already set up for Christmas. I got to see how Elvis would have enjoyed Christmas in his house.

Dining Room set for a Christmas meal

On the main floor, we saw the living room, dining room, kitchen, and the Jungle Room (converted patio). It is a look back in time. Even the kitchen has the original flour and sugar canisters.

The kitchen

The Jungle Room

Downstairs there is the billiard room and the theater/music/entertainment room.

Go to part 2 to continue the tour.

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