Areté at Iris Vineyards


Iris Vineyards 2020 Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir

The philosophy of Areté comes from Ancient Greece and refers to excellence of any kind. This philosophy guides the Iris Vineyards team to endeavor to excel at constant attention to their vineyard practices, wine quality, and hospitality. Their goal is to produce fresh, fruit-forward wines that honor the land and the full potential of the grape. Continue Reading →

Gotta love a beautiful Albarino whether from Southern California or Northwest Spain


Spanish and Southern California Albarino

I love learning about new wine regions. Recently I was able to review some wines from the Galacia region of Spain. This region is located in the larger northwest region of Spain called  Rias Baixas. This wine region is called Galicia. The soils are granite and sandy, which are conducive to producing aromatic white wines. Since the 1980’s the Albarino grape from this region has been the most successful white wine export. Continue Reading →

Boss Bird Kitchen

Chicken Fried Chicken

“We want to be your neighborhood go-to chicken joint, the local gathering place, where you can enjoy a great meal for an affordable price, and visit with friends. You won’t find TVs here. We prefer conversation and interaction with your dining companions. Plus we want you to pay attention to the food. We’ve worked hard to make you an amazing meal,” Cliv said. Continue Reading →

Let’s Sushi Together at Banbu Sushi Bar and Grill

So you feel like some sushi? Great! There are about a hundred places in San Diego where you can go, but what if you want to go to a special place? What if you have out-of-town company or a date that you really want to impress? You need upscale sushi. You need “date night” sushi. You need Banbu Sushi in La Mesa.  Continue Reading →

Del Cerro’s Texas Style BBQ and Sports Bar at Del’s Hideout

Executive Chef Tim Eylens

The first thing you do when you come to Del’s Hideout is order the onion rings. Then you can look around and notice that it is part Sports Bar, part BBQ, part Family Restaurant and part Neighborhood Hangout with Retro Arcade Games, a secure kid’s play area for children under 10, and many televisions. Continue Reading →

Antica Trattoria Serves up Simple and Tasty Sicilian Cuisine in La Mesa

Antica Trattoria Dining room

Sicilian cuisine celebrates the sea and the sun. The southern Italian island has been influenced over millennia by Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and various Arab countries. The cuisine highlights the use of fresh vegetables, fish, and beef and that is exactly what you will find at Trattoria Antica. Continue Reading →

Bell’s Up Winery

To some people, the moment of change is when something traumatic happens in their life and they realize – Wait, I’m not happy. Or someone passes away. Co-owner and winemaker Dave Specter decided he no longer wanted to be a tax attorney and wanted to make changes to his life. The moment of change was when he left the security of his career to make wine.  Co-owner and business manager Sara Specter’s moment was when her mentor died at the young age of 48.  Continue Reading →